Realm of the Ghost King Game of the Year Edition, Out Now!


Also known as 1.2.0, since winning a prestigious GOTY award I've put together a Game Of The Year Edition, as is tradition in gaming. 1.2.0 adds two new gameplay modes: Tourism and Endless. Tourism allows you to just play through the game without any enemies and Endless is played on a single map where you try for a high score. Both modes were fun to add and are hopefully enjoyable to play as well! The game should update on Steam and itch (via the itch app) when you start the launchers.

The game will also run in "Game Of The Year" mode for the month of January, which is entirely cosmetic, displaying a fancy GOTY logo on the title screen (pictured above). You can also play as GhOsTY, who is exactly Ghost except purple (the official GOTY color). If you play the Steam version you can unlock an achievement by beating the game with GhOsTY! I hope you enjoy and have a happy New Year!

Here's the full list of changes:


  • GOTY Mode, which is active during the month of January
    • The logo in the menus makes note that it's Game Of The Year
    • Play as GhOsTY, a purple version of Ghost, who replaces Ghost for the month of January
      • GhOsTY is just Ghost, except purple
  • NEW GAME MODE: Endless Mode
    • Play on a single, randomized map with an infinite amount of enemies spawning
    • Spawn rates (frequency and amount) increase over time until it's basically impossible
    • You also have infinite bombs and killing an enemy automatically grants you a soul without the need to collect it
    • New stats for best score, kills, and a couple more tracked specifically for Endless Mode
    • Nothing to unlock, just play!
  • NEW GAME MODE: Be A Tourist
    • It's the normal game except no enemies (including bosses)
    • You can explore or figure stuff out or whatever else you want
    • You can still totally kill yourself with bombs if you want
    • Also no achievements or stats count here (just like the tutorial)
  • Steam Version: Four new achievements


  • A couple of stats that were glommed together are now tracked on their own (though not exposed yet)
  • The ending screen (when you beat the game) will have a slightly different display if you defeat the second boss
    • Yes, there is a second boss, she is a secret (some people have found her)
  • Revised the "Play Game" menu a little bit since it has to fit four game modes in there now
  • Various small menu tweaks


  • The Special Ability mutator was always unlocked when it should have required you to cast 40+ special attacks to unlock. Now it does that.
  • There are probably other bugs but they haven't been fixed!