Realm of the Ghost King Is On Sale And Is Officially A GOTY

Unknown Pleasures is a column on Rock Paper Shotgun which showcases lesser known games that you probably haven't heard of but are still worth playing. Naturally Realm of the Ghost King fits the bill there, and indeed was covered back in January.

Fast forward to today, when the Best-Of Lists are making their appearances, and this includes The Best Unknown Pleasures. Somehow, ROTGK made the cut! So here we are. Against all odds this little game is officially a Game Of The Year! Sure it's for a very specific list, but I'm proud all the same!

Also if you somehow are visiting this site and reading this blog but don't own the game, it's currently on sale for 40% off. Grab it on Steam or on and give the gift of ghosts and roguelikes. Have a great holiday season!