Realm of the Ghost King is a quick-play roguelike where you must battle your way through eight randomly generated dungeons to defeat the Ghost King and become the new king of the realm.

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"The rules are simple, and the small scale coupled with the puzzle-y aspect lend an interesting, vaguely chess-like air. It’s arguably more like Rogue or Nethack than most in that regard, but with all the fiddly parts trimmed off."

Sin Vega, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"All of this is incredibly accessible while also deeper and more tactical than it first appears."

Thomas Faust,

"If you're new to the genre, or haven't been able to get a hang of these types of games, well this one is probably for you. ... I doubt you've heard of this but it really does warrant more people getting ahold of it."

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Realm of the Ghost King is available for Mac (OSX 10.9 and higher) and Windows (Windows 7+) and Linux (64-bit) and costs $2.99.

Read about Realm of the Ghost King 1.1.0, a free update!

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