A Sale! And Presenting: Pumpkin Nights

Realm of the Ghost King is now on sale for 40% off on Steam and Itch! It will be on sale at this discount for the rest of October and probably for a day in November. It's a game with ghosts and monsters, so it's certainly a good October type of game in that regard.

Pumpkin Nights

If you need more enticing, I added something strange and weird to the game as well. If you play it at night (specifically after 7pm) for the last ten days of October you'll get a slightly modified version of the game with more pumpkins than the original. The main change is all the Spirit Bombs have been changed from skulls to pumpkins, which is kind of weird but silly. The second change is, if you manage to make it to the Ghost King he will be a pumpkin instead of a ghost. I don't know why I did this, but it's there. The changes to both the bombs and King are purely aesthetic, so everything otherwise works exactly the same.

I know I said I probably wouldn't be doing more updates, but it just seemed too fun and weird not to do this. Other games have more in-depth Halloween updates, but have they ever replaced the titular character with a pumpkin? I doubt it!