Patch 1.0.3 + Linux

This one is already making me realize I will need a new patch soon, but I'm sure people don't mind waiting a little.

The main piece of news is the Linux version is finally out. This was slightly more of a struggle than the Mac or Windows versions since I don't have a computer running Linux and I didn't really want to set up an existing one to dual boot. So I installed Vagrant and VirtualBox and all that good stuff and here we are:

It's hard to tell how well it runs since things in a VM generally don't run super well, but it seems to be pretty quick all things considered, so I'd imagine someone running it non-virtually will have a good experience. The DRM-free version is also up on if that's your preference.

There's also one gameplay related change, which adds visible enemy spawn spots (one turn before they spawn) for all those enemies that teleport in during each map (you can see a screenshot in this Steam update). My main reason for this was sometimes I'd be playing too quickly and run up against a spot where an enemy had just spawned and immediately get hurt or killed. This won't actually prevent that from happening, but it takes away my excuse for why I'm so bad at my own game. Maybe I'll take it out in a couple of weeks when I decide I want that excuse back (I won't).