Patch 1.0.2

The first post-release patch! Thanks to this being a one-person operation and having a pretty small install base, I'm able to crank out decent sized updates in a short period of time. Also potentially due to the game's architecture. The two major things in this version are:

The HUD was a minor amount of work, mostly doing some design work and then modifying the existing HUD code to be able to put elements in different locations based on a setting. I also added an option that allows you do hide enemy health bars. It was always present as a debug option but I figured I'd expose it. For the first 98% of the game's development there were no enemy health bars but I honestly prefer having them on.

Steam Achievements are what they are. This game lends itself to achievements pretty well, since you basically spend all your time achieving things anyway. I put eight in there, though given the small size of the player base and how difficult the game is, I'd be surprised if all of them get unlocked. They're a fun thing and if people need them for motivation that's fine. Unlocking new monsters to play as and mutators are essentially achievements so this is just kind of an extension of that.