Monster Intros 2: Icecap and Fireball

If you haven't yet, check out the the first post in this series. It explains a few concepts in the first couple of paragraphs. But in a nutshell, I'm writing up some quick profiles of the monsters in Realm of the Ghost King. Two new ones every Saturday!

Since no game would be complete without an ice monster, Icecap of course exists. Her primary attack is freezing other monsters, which happens both randomly as part of melee attacks as well as on a greater scale via a special attack. Freezing a monster renders them unable to move for three turns, which generally results in death for that monster. There are also a couple of benefits to freezing a few monsters, but I won't spoil the surprise.

While enemy Icecaps can't freeze the player at will, they have a random chance of freezing you if you let them attack you. This means you need to plan around an Icecap when you see one, lest you meet a quick demise. You could also just roll the dice (or maybe you have a potion that will unfreeze you) but I wouldn't get too cocky.

And of course with the ice monster always comes the fire monster. Fireball is unique in that she cannot be frozen by Icecap, meaning you can't use your usual strategy when encountering one. You also gain this advantage when playing as Fireball. Like BOT_3000, Fireballs will explode when killed, so you need to take that into account when dealing with them.

Along with immunity to freezing, you also have a controlled explosion as your special attack. This has the same power and radius as a bomb but with the added advantage that it you can use it at will as long as you have enough souls. This is especially helpful for times when you run out of bombs and need to bust through one last wall for a much needed power-up.

I hope you enjoyed this Holiday Fire & Ice combo. I'll have the skinny on two more monsters next Saturday!