Realm of the Ghost King Support

Thanks for playing the game! Or at least for trying to play it.

If you're having some kind of problem with the game, either getting it to run or something is crashing or any other issue check out the list of common issues below. If those don't solve your problem, please send an email to:

Include a detailed account of what happened and how the issue can be reproduced. If you are able to launch the game please provide your username (if you set one) or your user ID, which you can copy+paste via menus:

Help & Options > Game Setup & Info > User Info > View User ID

I'll try to get back to you within a day or two with either a solution or potentially an apologetic thanks for finding a bug I missed.

Thanks so much!

Common Issues

Streaming or recording software doesn't capture an image:

Try launching the game with the --disable-d3d11 option. This can be easily set via Steam by right-clicking the game and hitting "Properties", then click the "Set Launch Options" button on the bottom and add --disable-d3d11 to the end (don't delete any existing options).

For other versions of the game you'll have to launch it manually with that option.